Tuesday, 15 December 2009

x How bored am i x

God - been in here two weeks and i have been soooo bored! Ive had enough of reading, watching tv, colouring and eating - what else is there to do apart from live on the computer allday but then i just end up 'looking' at things on website and before i know it i have spent more money!!

Not really much to say as im still in hospital and nothing exciting has happened apart from my appetite is back fullblown and i am addicted to nandos (we have been 3 times in a week!!). Bearing in mind i have been eating lots my weight has stayed roughly the same - what more can i do!!! NO i dont need a peg as i am eating and wanting to eat and if i just have feed on top of that it will just make me sick. I personally think it has something to do with the diabetes cause since being diagnosed i have lost weight and the insulin - i was told - is supposed to help with the weight. Im only having it with my main meal but my sugars are up and down so it needs to be sorted. I had a reading of 2.8 the other night so they wouldnt let me sleep until it went up incase i went into a coma. After many jelly babies and nasty glucose tablets, 2 hours later i was allowed to sleep!! Fun times!

On the other hand, my lung function has gone up alittle. To be honest, it wasnt an earthshattering amount but its going in the right direction. Ive been going to the little hospital gym in the afternoons which involves me walking there, doing 7 minutes on the bike and walking back. Yay me!! :) Id just got back from the gym when i did lung function so i reckon it could have been more if i wasnt as tired!!

Next thing is my operation on thursday and im pooping myself....sometimes im fine but then sometimes i panic. Hope it goes well and im not too bad afterwards...keep me in your thoughts please!!! Speak to u all once im home!! xxx

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  1. good luck with the port! It will be fine, don't worry hun xx