Sunday, 13 June 2010

x Stronger and stronger x

Im getting better...i think!

I have been on iv's for 1 and half weeks now as my chest was bad. Proberly after all the goings-on from the last month and i couldnt do hardly any be honest just getting up the stairs when i needed the loo was physio! My cough is dry now and much better and i no longer sound like a train :) I havent had oxygen for the past few days either!! My appetite has come back big time and i am eating everything in sight and my feeds are going well and im having the whole bottle overnight which is 1500 calories. I will be a fat blob before i know it (hopefully). The only thing now is this bastard tube hanging out of my stomach which needs to be changed to a button sooooooon! Its driving me mad - it hurts every now and then, leaks, and i cant wear certain things as it shows up and i have to tuck it into my trousers. Im hoping its changed this week coming but im soooo nervous.

I havent done much to really talk about to be honest. Last week I went shopping twice with mummy as it was my little brothers 18th birthday on friday. I stayed round Scotts for the first time in ages last night and it was lovely to wake up together and have mcdonalds breakfast :) Today i have alot more energy so plan to sort out most of my room and actually do some ironing as i have no clothes to wear!!

Oh and im starting to get excited about my holiday which is in 2 weeks!! The only thing is travel insurance which i may have to risk skipping as its ridiculous amounts of money which i cant afford. The cheapest so far is £429 for a week in Spain - am i not allowed on holiday without being punished for having an illness??

x Lots of love x

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  1. yikes! Have you looked at past posts on the CF Forum to try every single company? I must admit, you are quite risky at the moment to insure! For future it might be best to try get annual cover, then they usualy honour it if the holiday was booked before you ended up in hospital xx