Thursday, 24 June 2010

x Dramas!! x

Last tuesday i went to clinic and had put on weight so am now nearly 43kg :) I had my iv needle changed as i was having an extra week of ivs. The next few days after i started getting temperatures, feeling tired and just generally shitty! Saturday night I got back from Scotts to do my night time ivs and mum went on night work. 5 minutes after doing them i felt breathless and was struggling....i left it (as usual) for a few hours but it got worse and i couldnt breathe. My dad came down and we rang an ambulance. At the hospital I was given some medicine stuff (dont ask what it was as i wasnt paying attention) and given lots of oxygen. Normally if im in hospital with a chest infection they put me on 2 litres of oxygen, well at that point i was on 10!! They kept me in for a few hours to make sure i was back to normal and then got home at 6am. Turns out i had an allergic reaction to one of my ivs that i was on - wont be having that again - scary stuff!

On the thursday before this me and Steph went on a tour of the Chelsea football stadium which i brought her for xmas. It was a lovely day and we had a good time but i cant tell you how bloody knackered i was when i got home. There were soooooo many stairs and I was struggling alot but i did it.

The biggest news came yesterday when I went to the hospital with daddy to have my tube taken out and my new button put in. I no longer have a willy!! I was so nervous after everything that had happened previously so i hadnt eaten much. When i got there, lance gave me some oral sedation and by the time he got the stuff ready he said i was out of it lol...i dont remember any of it thank god. Now im off to start packing as im off on holiday tomorrow :D Spain - here we come!! See you all in a week

x Lots of love x


  1. have a good hol! The reaction sounds scary! Do you not have an epipen or anything? x

  2. hope you enjoy your holiday!! x

  3. A willy teehee!!

    Have a great holiday xx