Saturday, 19 February 2011

All cleared out! means my chest is clear!! I havent been around as i have been in hospital. Boooooo :( I went to clinic tuesday and they didnt let me leave the hospital. I went straight on iv's and oxygen and mum left the hospital with a big list of stuff to go home and pack! The stuff on my chest was just so thick that it was hard to get up and was also blocking my airways so hence the oxygen was needed.

Ended up staying in for just over 2 weeks. I havent been in hospital since last may so i have done really well and even in may it wasnt because of my chest, it was all the problems with the peg. All the staff said i bounced back much quicker this time than when ive been in before so i am pleased that my work over the last few months has paid off and shown that i am stronger. Just need to push even harder and keep things up. I have got oxygen at home now as my sats were playing up when i was in. Its just for occassional use and if i need it, which i dont feel like i do so im trying not to worry but it really upset me when they first ordered it as it just means more medical stuff and reminders of CF. The main thing im looking at is that i feel well so thats good.

Whilst i was in my cousin Frankie had her baby boy. She had a very hard labour and we visited them all once they were home as they only live near my hosptial. He is absolutly gorgeous! So welcome to the world baby Henry and congrats Frankie and Paul...u will be great parents.

Thursday I went to Ushers concert at the o2 which was brilliant!! I forgot how many great songs he has had. I danced all the way through and was shattered at the end of the night but it was worth it. I had only been out of hospital a day so i had not moved that much in weeks haha!! My mum and bro enjoyed it too. Brill night.

Now for the weekend....oh and will people stop telling me to slow down!! I have been in the same room for 2 weeks and in a bed so now im back, im making the most of it...the more i do in a day, the better i feel anyway!!

x Lots of love x


  1. Sorry to here about ur hosp stay hun, but well done for being out so long. I read ur blog all the time ;-) xx

  2. Wow you've been seriously busy!!! Usher concert!? Jealous!!!! xxx