Friday, 28 January 2011

Up....then down

This week started off well and then went downhill from then but im still not too shabby - just yet!!

Monday I had a big burst of energy which lasted all day. I did all my usual morning bits and then got to the doctors in time before they shut. From there, I went to the gym with my lovely new pink headphones on and did really well. I did about 45 minutes on all the machines altogether which i was pleased with as i had a cough too! I then got home, sorted out all my medicine cupboards and cooked dinner. On tuesday, the energy stayed with me, so I went for a big shop and lunch with my best mate Steph. We had such a good time and ended up being out for longer than expected!!

The last few days Ive been really tired and my chest is very productive and thick. Eww. I thought it maybe because I did alot lately but my chest has been up and down for weeks now and I think its starting to hit. I am trying out an antibiotic that i havent had before but others have said it works for them, and seeing as im resistant to the others, i may as well try it. Ive got to pick it up later on today from the hosp and will pop into the gym on my way back for a little while. Ive got clinic on tuesday for a check up to see if the orals are working and ive been told to bring some phlegm....what a glamourous life I lead ;)

Just a short-ish blog as im on my bros laptop as mine is being fixed and im getting annoyed as typing is sooo hard and some buttons get stuck so now my fingers hurt.

x Lots of love x

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