Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Back to the gym with a clear chest :)

My chest is clear!! I did it! Woohoo!!

I used a few extra nebulisers, stuck to my dnase neb and did my physio little and often. My chest feels better and is no longer crackly and sore. I still have a tickly cough due to my nose still being abit watery but that should go with time. Really pleased i managed to sort it out without having to have iv's or steriods or anything. Since the weekend, I got my appetite and energy back so its all good.

Im swamped with bloody appointments which im not happy about. I finally had the massive, sharps bin picked up from when i finished iv's before xmas as they werent in my area until that date. I had clinic yesterday which ive already spoken about, also got a lung scan on friday and then a CT scan of my chest on Monday. Great. I will really look forward to them - not!

Now for the good news...I started my Healthwise thing today and it went well. Healthwise is a health programme for 3 years that you go on if you need to exercise for certain health reasons. It is direct debit of £11.95 a month which is great value and I can use the gym, swimming pool and attend any classes whenever i want. The man was really nice and helpful and asked all questions about my health, medication, abilities and my goals and then took me into the gym to sort out a programme. The programme varies alot taking into account how differently CF affects me day-to-day, for example, the treadmill speed was set and he said to do it between 7-10 mins and we will aim for 15. Some days i will be able to do more than others so he set time frames. I wasnt given lots of cardio stuff yet as im still trying to gain weight and dont want to burn it off, however, I need to do some to strengthen my little lungies. I was shown some weight exercises to help strentghen my arms, legs and help with my posture. Im seeing him again in February so we can look how im doing and make changes to the programme. I cant wait to start now!!! Im off to sort out my music on the ipod which helps me last longer in the gym and helps with the motivation :)

All in all a good blog post I think!!

x Lots of love x

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  1. Yay! Sounds like a good week for you :D The gym programme sounds ideal. On the days I feel rubbish, I hardly do anything, the days I feel good, I try and push myself harder.