Thursday, 6 January 2011

Snot, snot and dancing :)

Since the day before New Years eve, I have been unwell. It suddenly hit me and I was very tired, not hungry, hot and sweaty and chesty. I also threw up my feed - which tastes vile!! After speaking to the doctors yesterday, he said it sounded viral. I started to feel better bit by bit but it stayed on my chest. I went hospital on tuesday to try and get something to help. My doctor is great and spoke through options. We are going to focus on more nebs to loosen things and do little bits of exercise to help shift it. I didnt want iv's again already as its only been 2 weeks. I lost abit of weight from 47 to 46.6kg but i expected that due to having a virus and throwing up - any 'normal' person would lose weight too!!

After kicking the plan into action yesterday, I feel abit better today. Not coughing as much and breathing better. Am going to continue to do what i did yesterday and hopefully things keep improving. I have developed a very snotty nose. Yesterday, thats all i did was bloody blow it. This morning has been the same. I want to know where all this damn snot is coming from!! Im only little and so is my nose, so how does it all fit!! Its at times like this my nickname from Scott fits. He has many nicknames for me - most of them horrid lol - but he calls me Tissue Lady. When i have a snotty nose, the tissues multiply. He loves me really :)

I brought Steph tickets for Flashdance at the theatre for xmas and it was last night at Shaftesbury Avenue in London. We parked straight away and found a Zizzi's restuarant opposite the theatre so we ate in there. I havent seen the film and neither has Steph so we werent sure of the story. All i knew was that it was about dancing and I had seen the clip of the song 'What a Feeling'. The reviews were great and we both like the theatre anyway so i booked them. It was brilliant and there were many times we were dancing and laughing along. I would urge people to go. On the way back to the car, we kept singing and dancing and kept jumping about (well as much as i can jump!!) which was so funny. God knows what people thought of us. Mind you, London is full of nutters so we fit right in :D

Its really cheered my up going out. At first, I really had to push to make the effort to go but it was worth it. Feeling better today apart from i need a shower, but i have to put the heating on first as its too cold!!!

x Lots of love x

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  1. Glad you had a good time :) And yeah throwing up feed is absolutely rank!

    Teehee, tissue lady! xx