Thursday, 20 January 2011

The venflon is back :(

God i forgot how bloody annoying and sore venflons are!!

I had 2 scans booked: 1 on friday and 1 on monday. I had to have a line put in for each scan in order to put a dye into my blood stream. I couldnt have it in my port as they have to push the dye in fast and the pressure of pushing it in at that speed may snap the port line, so i definatly didnt want to risk that! I also asked if i could have the scans on the same day but i couldnt because they both use dye, it would be too much dye for my kidneys to handle. Bugger.

Lance met us friday morning and we found one good vein and he got the line in. He said i could keep it in all weekend so that we didnt have to worry about finding a vein on monday, and i agreed that this was prob the best option for me! I just had to flush the line once a day with heprin (which keeps the line clear and helps it not block).

For the lung scan I had to inhale radioactive gas for 3 minutes through something similar to a nebuliser, then had to lie down and have xray type pictures taken for about 10 minutes. The lady then injected dye into my line and then the same xray pictures were taken again. I didnt like the woman who did it...she was very rough and spoke to me like a child.

The scan on monday was a CT scan of my lungs. I got there and had to wait over an hour before being seen as they were behind and there was an emergency case whilst i was there. They took a few pictures first then the machine pushed the dye in and it was such a weird feeling. I went all hot and it felt like my head was soaked in sweat and i instantly felt like i was about to wet myself and it was really hot. The feeling went after a minute and then I was finished. I didnt like the scanner it went round me and made a loud noise!! I had my line taken out along with a few swear words thrown in as usual!!

The weekend was good. Friday night, me, mum and scott all sat in mine to watch 24. Saturday, me and scott went to the cinema with another couple, Sirin and Carlton, to see The Green Hornet which was quite good actually. After we were starving so we went to the harvester where we met another couple, Danny and Debbie, and we all ate alot and had a great time.

Starting to get abit more of a cough again so will have to try and get rid of it again. I also realised the other night that i had been nebbing my dnase and it ran out of date in december!! Oppps....i have put in an order for more supplies so have no dnase for a few days. I have other nebs to loosen stuff but i like my dnase!!

x Lots of love x


  1. I hate the feeling of dye! It always stings going through cannulas too. Nasty stuff! I've never had to inhale anything radioactive?! What were they looking for/at?!

    Hope the cough disappears soon!


  2. sounds like you have been glowing green with all the stuff they have pumped into you ;o)