Thursday, 24 February 2011

Busy week

Its nice to say its been a busy week...yes, i do get tired but having stuff written in my diary feels good and that im not such a bum after all. Mum has also had days off so thats nice too.

Friday night was lovely. I stayed at Scotts for the first time since coming out of hospital. We watched 'The Social Network', played with the doggies, ate snacks and just had a lovely night together. Scott brought me a bunch of pink roses and a little I Love You balloon which was so lovely. :)

Over the weekend, Scotts nan and grandad had come down from Lowestoft so we went to see them and his auntie Susan and cousin Mollie. I also spent a nice evening at dads having a big bowl of spag bol and watched Uncle Buck -great film!

Monday was a catch up day with Steph and we went shopping. I needed basic t-shirts as i have no idea where my t-shirts are...or my socks for that matter...hmmmm, someone is stealing my clothes. It must be a child, they are the only people that are gonna fit in them lol. I also picked up some white plimsols and a stripy navy and white top. I look like im a sailor so now for a boat. I think i need to book a cruise or one of them rent-a-barge holidays!! I also picked daddy up some jumpers and joggers for when he goes hospital for his radiotherapy as i know i cant stand wearing jeans in hospital, i like to be comfy!! That night me, mum and her friend Dawn went to visit a family friend who had had a baby a few weeks ago. A baby boy called Herbie (great name!!). He is lovely but i was also there to visit their doggy Hudson. He is a Boston Terrier and i love him. He came to visit me at the hospital over a year ago now so it was great to see him again. My babysitting and dogsitting services have been offered.

Tuesday my chest hurt for no apparent reason and it bubbled like made. It still is abit now but once physio is done its not too bad. That evening, me and Scott and his mum and dad went for dinner round their friends house. I meet my friend Carly through them and i havent seen her in ages so it was a good to see her. Hope to see her even more now she is having a baby soon. Roll on April so we can meet the little one! Another baby visit was called for on Wednesday as well, one of my friends babies is 6 months old and i havent seen her so me and mum went round for the afternoon. Finally a baby girl to visit and she was very cute.
God - millions of babies are turning up!! I will take one if there is any spares ;)

I got my laptop back finally and next for my damn phone to be fixed. Off to Bluewater with Scott tomorrow to sort it out before it ends up hitting a wall at high speed.

x Lots of love x

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