Thursday, 3 March 2011

Owner of an iphone

Yay!! I finally managed, after walking to a million different phone shops with Scott, to get an iphone and sort out my shitty blackberry contract. It took me days to figure out the damn thing but now i think i have the hang of it!! Of course i brought a pretty sparkley cover for it and sent everyone my new number.

I had clinic tuesday which went well. I didnt see my usual doctor, it was a junior type one. Normally i try and hold my toungue and just be nice to them but i had no clue what this man was going on about. The only sentence i did pick up on was him asking me "so...what are you doing?" What the hell is that supposed to mean? What am i doing now? What am i doing in general? What am i doing exercise-wise? So that was a quick meeting. My lung function is stable but i can improve it and hope to now im back on track, and my weight has gone up from 45.9 to 46.6kg!! Yay!! All in all a good clinic and i was the quickest ever and was out within half an hour.

Im also back at the gym. I had a meeting with the healthwise people there who check up on you and how your plan is going roughly every 6 weeks. I didnt change anything as, since last time i saw him i have been ill, then in hosp for 2 and half weeks, then getting back to 'normal' life and back to square one with my exercise tolerance as the chest infection knocked it backwards. Really bloody annoys me but i did suprisingly well. I spent 10 mins on the treadmill and got faster and faster (no running though!!) and then did lots of weights and stuff and felt really good. Im gonna go again soon :)

Im looking forward to getting my hair done tomorrow as its suddenly gone really dark and tangley so i cant be arsed to do much with it. Good job im well enough to have it done as it takes about 3 hours and them chairs aint comfy! Whilst writing this, ive been invited for an indian meal with daddy tonight so wont pass up that opportunity.

Oh - a few of my friends have shown me a piece of writing that describes really well what life is like living with an illness that you cant really see. Have a read if you can as it may help you understand alittle more what is normally very hard to explain.

x Lots of love x

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