Monday, 21 March 2011

Everyone is snotty!!!

Im surronded by coughing people and im attempting to avoid them as much as possible but when one is your best friend, one is your mummy and the other is your boyfriend, it is pretty hard! I finally got to see Steph on friday as she had got over the worst and then went out for a meal with Scott, Sirin and Carlton which was lovely. We saw one of the boys from 'Twist and Pulse', that dancing duo that was on Britains Got Talent (no i dunno what one it was either lol). I begged Scott to go up and start dancing next to him but he didnt as he wasnt well and then the boy left. Haha!!

Alot of the week we had the builder in who was sorting out the fireplace and putting the tv on the wall so i was banned fro downstairs because of the dust and stuff. I was confined to my bedroom and felt like Cinderella with y mumy running drinks and stuff upstairs to me - quite nice actually lol...but i was pleased to finaly get downstairs and relax on Thursday.

Poor Scott has been sufering all weekend with a cough, bunged up chest and lack of energy. He even had the day off today, which he never does so i know he isnt well. I have seen him but not hardly gone near him, which is horrible as i want to be there for him when he isnt well, like he is for me all the time, but i still have to be careful which he understands.

Over the weekend we had a trip to the supermarket to get some dvds and I wanted to do an 'irish' themed box for my daddy. He had tickets to go to Ireland to watch the rugby match this weekend. However, he is having radiotherapy so wouldnt have been back in time for todays session and he is suffering with tiredness alot so would have been too much hassle at the moment. I know what its like to have to cancel things due to illness, although i am a stubborn moo and often push myself and still go anyway, so i felt sorry for him. I dragged Scott round looking for things to put in my box and got lots of strange looks round Morrisons due to the questions i was asking i think hee hee. I did really well actually.

I turned up dressed in stuff left over from St Patricks day, which was timed well lol. He loved it and had ran out of tea and marmalade so that was even better!! :)

Me and mum are off to Harefield tomorrow. The appointment isnt until Wednesday but because its early and far away, we didnt want to turn up stressed or in a rush so are staying overnight in the flats at Harefield. Ive been talking alot with different people so was feeling better about things, but im starting to get nervous and the sicky feeling. Will let you know how it goes.

x Lots of love x


  1. Hey, hope your appointment goes well on Wednesday, good luck! X

  2. Good luck Sophie, will be thinking of ya
    Ellis x

  3. ggod luck hunni!!! will be thinking of u!! hope all goes well!! xx vicky xx

  4. ha that irish goodies bag is so funny! Loving the potatoes! haha!