Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Only 4 weeks

Arghhhhh!!! Only 4 weeks roughly since leaving hospital and im starting iv's again on friday. Big fat bumholes!! I believe that its still the same infection i had in hospital and because it was such a big one last time, it didnt completely clear. I was still coughing alittle when i left hospital but i thought that it wasnt too bad...looks like i was wrong. I am normally quiet at night time and only wake up to turn my feed off and on the odd occassion i need a trip to the loo. However, i havent slept hardly in 3 nights in a row and even kept scott up last night (and he sleeps through anything and has become used to my coughing). Im still eating and stll managing to do things but its the coughing all the time and its starting to take longer for me to do things so i gave in and Lance has fitted me in.

Other than the general, mild shitty lungs, i had terrible bellyache over the weekend so had a relaxing, chill out weekend anyway. In my sleepy, 4am state, i think i forgot to take my tablets after my feed had finished and therefore, massive amounts of wind happened all of saturday and followed by pain and constant trips to the loo on sunday....i will leave the description there...i have some dignity :)

I have had a good time since my last post though. My hair is done and a pretty, renewed blonde highlighted colour and that always makes a girly feel better (although it needs attention now...bit of a wash and a brush is called for!) and Monday night, a group of us went to see the psyhic Sally Morgan show again. She was great as usual and i did have a little scare and my friend looked at me as if she thought the message would be for me!! My heart did start pumping hard but then the names didnt match up. Basically she started the description by holding her belly and saying about pain and then said her lungs were hurting and filled....obviously, i thought 'CF' and so did my friends around me, but it turned out to be an old lady who passed away after an illness.

Last night me and Scott attempted pancakes. The first one went horribly wrong and scott flipped it and it fell apart...haha, we are sooo useless!! The rest were nice though and drenched in lemon and sugar...i still have ingredients so may repeat it today with my little bro as he didnt have any yesterday. Mmmm im hungry now!!

x Lots of love x

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  1. sounds like you have the virus I had, i never cough during the night either and have been doing loads. Chin up though, my IVs seem to have worked to hopefully they will for you! xx