Thursday, 26 May 2011

5 years together

Me and my Scottings have been together now for 5 years. We celebrated by going to Scotts favourite place (the cinema) and then my favourite place (a restaurant) haha!! We didnt do pressies but just got each other cards. When I got to scotts house he had stuck balloons all up the stairs which had 5 on them. Awwwwww lol xx Im sure you all know by now - through this blog and through facebook - how much I love him. He looks after me, understands me, makes me laugh so much and we hardly ever argue. We have no need to, and thats the honest truth. He is not only my boyfriend but my best friend and I tell him everything and know he will be there with me always. xx

As of today, I am needle free!! Finally after 3 weeks of iv's I dont have to worry about the bloody tube hanging from my chest and can have a proper shower. BEST. FEELING. EVER. My chest is fine but I still use my oxygen more than I would like. Unfortunatly, I think its going to be the norm now and its going to be with me until my new shiny pretty lungs come along. My appetite is back and my weight has gone up since i started iv's. Im starting a trial for a different overnight feed which has 2 calories per ml instead of 1.5 calories that im now on. That means i will be able to fit in an extra 500 calories overnight, going from 1500 - 2000 calories. Will start that tonight....lets hope it agrees with me!

Ive been quite busy actually since the weekend. I introduced Scott to the wonder shop that is Ikea. I love that shop and love flatpack furniture even more. I think that should be my job lol. He got a wardrobe and chest of drawers for his room. I got pushed round perched on the edge of the trolley which was great. We worked great as a team: i sat on the sofa with the tools, screws and instructions and basically told Scott what to do!! Thats good teamwork ;)
I had lots of places to go to on Tuesday; doctors, gym (to cancel the membership as im just not well enough to go), chemist... scott had finished early so he came with me as he needed to sort stuff out too. Yesterday I got my hair done finally too!! Feels sooooo much better - have gone shorter and blonder.

Im going to finish the blog with the best news this week friend Chantelle got her transplant call on Monday and it went ahead. She only waited 8 weeks which is brilliant. Its only been a few days but all her chest drains are out and shes been helped into a chair! Thats such good progress already and i really hope she continues to do well. I was so excited and really nervous all day monday and constantly checking for updates. I dont know why it affected me so much. Obviously because she is my friend but i think alot of it was because of my own situation.

I knew Chantelle before she needed a transplant and we worked together to get our weight up. Her lung function dropped quite quickly and she decided to start transplant proceedings around xmas. So from starting the meetings at her hospital at xmas to now is less than half a year and she already has new lungs...its all was so quick and just reminded me that it could be me going on the list in june and then it could be anytime!!

x Lots of love x


  1. i just wanted to tell ya i Love ya Soph!! :) xx

  2. Yay for everything!!! It sounds like you had a brilliant day celebrating the 5 year mark! Really hope this new feed agrees with you too.

    Oh and I LOVE IKEA!!!! Although have to agree the best view of the place and the most enjoyment is from sitting being pushed around on the trolleys!