Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Oxygen - check!

Bugger chest had a big old flip out and im now on iv's, possible daytime feeds and oxygen. It got worse and worse over the long bank holiday weekend so i warned Lance that they would be needed so when i went to clinic on tuesday, i was put straight on them. Didnt do lung function as my sats were dropped to in the 70's (whoops!!), my weight dropped a kg so i need to keep an eye on that and i wasnt allowed home until i was given a portable oxygen concentrator as its obviously dangerous driving and being out and about with that low sats. Oh well, I feel shitty but once these ivs kick in then i will be on the up again!

Earlier on tuesday, i had the dentist. Harefield wanted me to see the dentist before my 3 day assesment (which is exactly a month away - argh!!) in order to have healthy teeth. To have a transplant they want you to have good teeth as these are a big infection risk. I have never had a filling before and have only had my teeth whitened at the front when i was in secondary school. This was because the shock my body had at being born with an illness, my enamal didnt form as well and plus all the antibiotics didnt help. Thankfully my teeth just needed a little clean up and that was it, yay!! The only part of my body that is healthy i think lol!!

Despite feeling highly crap over the weekend i had some nice highlights actually. Friday was the royal wedding and i watched most of it and loved it. I burst into tears at a few moments and was, of course, David Beckham hunting - soooo handsome!! ;) Im allowed to say how much i love beckham because Scott loves him too! Friday night, me and Scott went nandos and cinema to see Thor. It was a brilliant film and because we had lots of time in nandos and before the film, we got to talk alot and i really enjoyed it, a proper date night. Another little highlight for me was at the pub on saturday. I got up there for the football at 5pm and my daddy was up there!! I havent spoke about him much in my blog as its not my place to share all his business, but he hasnt been well and so shut himself away....he has finished treatment and is slowly improving and so to see him back in the pub and making the effort to come out was great.

This week is relaxing and concentrating on getting abit better so that I have a bit more to say that i have done in my next blog lol.

x Lots of love x


  1. Hope the I.V's kick in soon. It's always a Bank Holiday or a weekend when the lungs decide to start isn't it?
    Agree on David Beckham, I'm not normally a fan (well not in *that* way but I think he's a nice bloke) but I saw him at the Royal wedding and thought ' oh hello..' ;)

  2. aw you naughty girl getting so ill! ;o) Hope those IVs do the trick and get those sats back up! xx