Monday, 25 April 2011

Shopping, Sun and Easter

No matter how ill I feel or how bad life seems, it always seems that little bit more bareable when the sun is out. Not that im feeling overly ill, its just a fact!

Ive been enjoying the sun and been on little trips out to the pub and to the shops just to enjoy the weather. I had a great shopping trip with mummy on friday to Lakeside. I am stopping myself buying clothes as i dont really need any, i just need to iron the clothes i do have lol. However, i did need some thin cardigans just to cover my arms if it gets chilly so i got 2. When we went past Republic, there were people standing outside giving out 25% off vouchers so i had a little look and ended up with 2 pairs of shorts haha!! It was a bargin though - 2 pairs for £12 and then 25% off so i got them for £9 - couldnt turn it down could i? :) I also brought some stud, heart, sparkley earrings and 2 books to read. We picked up a present for Scott for his birthday (which is in a few weeks) too. Very happy!! I was pleased that i made it all the way round lakeside on both levels but was knackered after.

Saturday I went to a few shops with Scott and had a nice day out in the sun and I finished off in the pub watching the chelsea match. Sunday was abit more of a rest day just reading the paper and eating my easter eggs...easter egg chocolate is the best and always seems to taste nicer! Me, mum, Danny and Scott went for a meal at the carvery which made a change and was actually really nice to do something together.

My chest is not too bad and likes this weather anyway, apart from of a night, if i dont have a fan on, i cough alot more due to the stuffiness. Im still on the voriconazole tablets which finish this saturday i think. I have clinic tomorrow and just hope for my numbers to be stable as i dont think there will be dramatic increases. I am going to ask for salt tablets though as i do suffer in this weather. CF patients lose alot of salt when they sweat and we taste like a chip!! This salt loss can lead to really low energy levels which happens to me so i have been upping the salt on my food and having salt and vinegar crisps to tide me over until clinic.

x Lots of love x

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  1. i love reading your blog soph - i think you should write a book as you make people really interested in your life and what you go through - love ya x x x