Tuesday, 5 April 2011

I cant see

Im writing this with blurry vision and seeing black splodges on the page so if spelling is not great or i make no sense at all, then that is why!!

Dont worry im not going blind, ive started those tablets i mentioned in my last post to treat a possible fungal infection in my naughty lungies. I started them friday and have been lightheaded and spaced out ever since :) For you CF people...yes it is Voriconazole.

I didnt do too much last week i dont think. Our front room got finished and looks prettiful and then I had 2 horrible days at home and Scotts. Lets just say without too much detail, that its girly week and was really heavy so I started to get abit worried. I just had to stay indoors really. Lovely!!

Saturday was a nice night though. Because of the above reason, i hardly slept friday night, so i slept in the day and caught up on some programmes and saved my energy for the evening. 7 of us went to the cinema and then out for dinner afterwards which was funny and a nice evening actually, although the boys can get quite loud!! :)

I got a phonecall from Harefield today too. All my test results that we had to wait 10 days for were back. All of them were fine and my antibodies (which needed to be low in order to go onto the next stage of transplant) were negative, so i have none!! Yay!! I was pleased everything else was ok and I am booked in for a 3 day assessment at Harefield on 6th June. I know my mum was very relieved as she worries more than she lets on!! She had a big block of 4 days off from the 6th anyway....it must be fate lol.

My head is going crazy to be honest. I am still living my life day to day but im now really thinking and analysing everything, even little things. It seems like everything i do at the moment, i look back and be honest with myself and think 'could i do this a year ago?' and if the answer is no, then i get upset but then thats replaced by a thought of 'well, after my transplant, i will be able to do that and more', so im then excited...is that the right word?? Hmmmm....im rambling now and its hard to explain, but im up and down in my head, full of questions which i will ask people, but more looking at myself. Maybe this is why I cant bloody sleep lol!!!

x Lots of love x

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