Sunday, 10 April 2011


Ok...i dont know if thats the right word. I seem to be saying that phrase alot lately and its only because im feeling so many different emotions so i dont really know how to describe it or how to put my feelings across.

This week ive mainly been really happy and feeling better, apart from one part which i will get out of the way and Scott have cancelled our holiday to Rome :( My mum had mentioned it to me before but i was determined to go but then Scott mentioned it on tuesday night so we spoke about it. I looked at my mum and she swore that she hadnt spoken to scott as it seemed very suspicious!! We basically agreed that i would have to put off going on the list in order to go, that oxygen may need to be taken, and that he thinks we would have such a good time after transplant and that i could even run up the spanish steps lol. Its things like this that make me love Scott that little bit more then i thought i could. It was abit of relief as i wouldnt have to worry about the oxygen or if i was going to be well but i was so upset and disappointed that CF, had yet again, got in the way.

In good news....the weather is lovely!! My chest loves this weather and has felt better bit by bit. Although i am on those new tablets so it maybe something to do with them too!! I have been able to see better and ive had more energy so a good week. Im feeling happy too! No particular reason, I just feel alright! My dad also finished his radiotherapy treatment on friday too so that is great.

To keep in with the happy mood, i will leave you with a picture of some of my dinner on Wednesday....made me so childish!!

x Lots of love x

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