Monday, 12 October 2009

x Annual review finally diagnoses diabetes x

Well diabetes has now been confirmed :( not really a big surprise but just another thing to add to my daily routine!! Have got to go and learn how to stab myself next monday but just keep an eye on my blood sugars until then....the diabetes was confirmed at annual review last thursday which was not the best day, i was knackered when i got home!!

Was not allowed to eat anything until after the tests were finished and had to be up the hospital by 9am. For those people that really know me...this is not a good day already as i am a moody minge when i am tired and hungry so not a good mix lol. Had my first blood test for my sugar levels then had to drink the horrid glucose drink and wait 2 hours. Meanwhile, I went off to x-ray and ultrasound, got my nebuliser serviced, spoke to physios and dietician and then had the second blood test which didnt go brilliantly as Lance couldnt get a vein - another reason why i need a port now. Anyway as i found out this week, the results of blood sugars should be inbetween 3-7 to be 'normal' and mine came back at 13!! Oppps. Finally got home about 12.30 and ate then went to sleep :)

Friday afternoon I went to take the dogs for a walk with Scott and he had brought them a new big ball which they loved so we played abit of football with them - well i stood there and when the ball came to me i kicked it lol - i cant bloody run!! That night was great as I went out with the girls from work for a meal but I still couldnt eat as much as i normally do because i was so clogged up in my chest that i started to feel sick if i kept eating!!

Saturday I felt like shit but still made it to my dads but did go upstairs for a sleep in the pub at one point which made me feel abit better :) but by Sunday I perked up a little and me and Scott went to a big outlet shopping centre in Ashford which was a nice day out but I did not know how big it was and it was a circle format so once you started walking round you had to carry on to get back round to where you had parked!! Came home and ate and had a sleep - knackered!!!!

Monday should have been my mate Vickys 21st so I went to visit her at the cemetery. Her family and 2 of my other CF mates were there and we all had a laugh about memories of her. It was nice seeing her family again and i really hope to keep in touch with them. Im not too worried about her up there though as she is with some of the others so she will be having her own party in the sky. Love you mate xxx

Now for the biggest news of the week - the 'secret' from my last post is that i have had to give up work at the nursery. I really didnt want it to come to this but i know that it has to be done. I keep catching everything from the kids and am not getting the chance to build myself up before i catch something and get knocked back down again :( I am going to miss it and really miss the people who work there but i will still keep in touch with them and still go on nights out with them when i can!! Now I am going to give myself a break until after xmas - i think i deserve it!!

x Lots of love x

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