Wednesday, 28 October 2009

x Mummy's cure for CF!! x

As i said in my last post i knew this hospital report wouldnt be the best and it wasnt!!
My weight had gone down a kg to 45.5kg and my lung function went down a little to 24% so i am not happy! I wasnt moaned at so at least that was something!! Got given some more oral antibiotics as this cough is still hanging on but getting abit better - dare i say that!! Im doing well with my insulin and blood sugar monitoring but they cant change anything yet as they need to see more results over a longer period of time. A letter was also sent to the surgeon last week in regards to me having a port fitted which i hope will be done before xmas but on the other hand i dont want it!!!!!

Woke up early this morning (for me) at 8am and have no idea why....mum heard me cough so poked her head round the door and nearly died of shock as i was wide awake waving at her lol. She came and sat on the bed and told me about her dream...r u ready....
She had a boy about 10 years old who had CF. He had a bad cough and mum met up with a nurse who said that to make him better he needs to drink a full sink bowl of washing-up liquid. Mum went upstairs to be by herself and then the nurse came up and said he had managed to drink half of it...Mum went downstairs as she wanted to be with him and he was lying down on his own...she went over and he opened his eyes, smiled and said how great he feels and he didnt have a cough anymore.
So there u have it mum has offically found a cure for CF...never mind all this research and expensive drugs...pop down to the corner shop and by some....WASHING-UP LIQUID!!! :)
If only it was that easy, ay!!

Right - im off to get ready as i am off shopping with Steph but before we begin, we must fuel up on steaks and coke :)

x Lots of love x


  1. antibacterial washing up liquid or not....??? hehe!

  2. i dont think she would even think in that much detail so just your regular washing-up liquid...why not push the boat out and use fairy :)