Monday, 2 November 2009

x Seriously need to stop shopping! x

God!! Was just thinking what I have been doing all week and the answer is shopping!! Now this is obviously good, as I am a girl and love to shop but bearing in mind i am now unemployed, this means the money is not being replaced!!! I went shopping with Stephie on wednesday to lakeside which was so funny - i was trying not to laugh too much due to coughing fits and we ate so much at harvester im surprised we made it round the shops!! I have also been shopping at bexleyheath 3 times and bluewater on saturday night with mummy!!
I have offically started my xmas shopping and picking up bits and pieces that i see while shopping as i know that i will have to go into hospital again before xmas (for iv's and possibily my port operation) so i dont want to be in a rush - not that i can rush much anyway!!

Other than shopping i havent done much apart from bits and pieces round the house.

I have made a miraculous recovery though!! 2 days in a row i was up and awake at 8am which is NOT like me and if anyone knows CF'ers, we dont usually do mornings!! I suddenly had energy and could be bothered to do stuff and my cough had cleared itself up!! At clinic on Tuesday they did give me orals as i was still coughing but i havent started them as i dont feel i need them now! I do have a theory as to what i think may have helped.....insulin!! I started on it at the weekend as i said before, but i was told it takes a while to get fully into your system and have longer term effects. I believe this has helped my body so I suppose it was abit of a blessing that I was finally diagnosed with diabetes. See how it goes...

Havent got anything planned for this week yet but am looking forward to the weekend which sounds like it may be busy! Friday i should be going out with Stephie, saturday is my CF nurse Lance birthday party - the big 40 may i add ;) - and sunday i am up the pub for the football which is Chelsea and Man u....good times...will let you know how it goes!!

Am now off to hoover my car as its full of crumbs and leaves and then started cooking a big fry-up dinner nomnomnom :)

x Lots of love x


  1. Where about do you live? I LOVE Lakeside, the Yo! Sushi in there is so cool ! And the apple store *Drools*

    Hehe i read that last bit in ur blog as *Off now to hoover the cat* I was worried for the cat...

  2. hee hee lol - i live in greenwich just through the other side of the tunnel!! I LOVE lakeside too!! Being a girly i love the huge river island and new look thou ;)