Monday, 9 November 2009

x Covered in jelly!! x

The weekend was a good one!! Lance's birthday was good and I had such laughs with mummy, jen (my dieticain) and Hannah - my mate who also has CF - cross infection - blah blah blah :) It was in a hall/bar which is based in the hospital so i can offically say i went for a night out at the hospital ;)

A few pics from the night - check out the newly blonde hair!!
Me and Jen - my dietician who drinks like a fish!!

The cake - nomnomnom!!

Hannah, Lance and Me

Sunday, me and Scott got up and went to McDonalds for breakfast and got there at 10.45am and was told that it now finished at half 10 so i was NOT happy!! Had to settle for cornflakes and chocolate when i got home :( Am pleased to announce that Chelsea beat Man U and I was eating my roast at the time of the goal so nearly chocked!!

Forgot to say that last week, I popped in to the nursery to see everyone and give them some flowers to say thank you for putting up with me! They got all the kids in one room to say goodbye to me and gave me flowers, chocolates and a card...I cried all the way home!! Also got a letter in the post from the owner of the nursery to say thank you for my help and that i am welcome back if i get my health any better and she gave me a £25 gift token to Bluewater. I really miss work but i am going to the xmas party and will still go out and about with the girls.

Clinic today was alot to take in...I had my ultrasound so they could look for veins for putting in my now feeling horrible as I was covered with that jelly stuff all down my arms, chest and neck! The results will be sent to the surgeon and i just have to wait to hear from him now :( Lung function stayed the same and so did weight so that was abit poop....have to keep a closer eye on my sugars so that means more daily finger pricks and i have to keep a food diary to show what i am eating so that the insulin can match the food. All very complicated!!

Dont really know what to feel at the moment as nothing has gone down but nothing has gone nervous and NOT looking forward to the port operation but then i do want it as it will be easier (hopefully) and the regular iv's may help the lung function....cant think about this anymore or my head will explode or i will just carry jabbering on!!

x Lots of love x

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  1. Gosh I can't believe your cf team are so lax about cross infection..!
    Don't worry about the port, it will be fine, i've had 4 and I am a massive wuss!