Friday, 6 November 2009

x Blonde-ness and Ebaying x

My hair is VERY blonde and i am still getting used to it but i do like it!! Went out after getting it done for a meal with Daddy, my bro, Scott and many others for Lisa (my dads girlfriend) was a late meal so i was bloody starving by the time it came so felt sick when i got in but it was worth it and very yummy!!

I got a letter from the vascular - i hate that word - department about going for a scan of my arteries ready to have my port put in and i cried when i opened it...dont ask why...i dont know myself but i think its just because its actually happening and im nervous anyway. The appointment is for next tuesday and i have clinic that day too so will be up the hosp most of that afternoon but Daddy is coming with me so i should be ok.

I have decided to make some money on Ebay. We have a shed full of stuff and keep meaning to do a bootsale but its winter now and most of them start too early so i figured this was an easier way. I have sold a few things on Ebay before so it should go well and means the house will be clutter-free in time for xmas, and then we will refill it again lol :) I have put 3 things up so far and went to go to the shed today to make a start and couldnt find the backdoor key - i have looked everywhere and mum has now looked to and its still missing so thats my Ebay plans on hold for a while!!

Nothing really to report health-wise. I am still off of antibiotics and it has been 1 and half weeks since finishing the oral course so im pleased. Cough is not too bad so today I have had thoughts about attempting the gym next week. I hope to try for monday in the day as there will hopefully be less people and then i have something good to report at clinic on tuesday :)

Am staying in tonight as Stephie is not too well so we are not going out as planned- GET WELL SOON! Scotts mum and dad are away so we are going to have a nice night in with the doggies, a takeaway and a film....oh that reminds you like my creation?? Me and Scott were highly bored the other night.

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  1. I love a night in with my guy, a dvd and a takeaway!! It's all new to me so I'm loving it!! xx