Sunday, 22 November 2009

x Dancing is the best physio!! x

Well, as stated in my last post i went on antibiotics and they made me a very ill little girl :(
Saturday we went out to a 21st birthday which was good even though i had to put up with watching a stripper (did i mention she was 75 years old and her boobs touched the floor) but i was just thankful she didnt get her fanny out lol!!! By sunday night my throat felt like i had swallowed tablets and that they were stuck and this feeling continued until wednesday night. I was still able to eat and drink but i had a constant 'sicky' feeling but wasnt actually sick.
Wednesday night i had to come home from Scotts as i couldnt sleep due to girly pains and the sicky feeling so went home. Mum brought up painkillers and hot water bottle and then i promptly threw up everywhere!! Turns out the antibiotics had made me feel ill and the sicky feeling was caused by ulcers in my throat also caused by the antibiotics. Lance got me some different ones so lets hope they work!!

Last night was really good...went out for my mate Sirin's birthday at the cactus pit in blackheath which is a restaurant and then has a club underneath. I had a cheeseburger and chips and then walked downstairs and couldnt dance straight away as i knew i would cough and then throw it all back up again! The music was great and a few people left early but a few of us stayed and i havent danced that much in ages!! I think i managed to do well considering i was wearing high heels for the first time in ages too but did have to stop every now and then as i was struggling for breath. Very tired today and have done nothing but sit in pjs, read the paper and eat but it was worth it....i will continue to keep dancing as it always cheers me up and obviously helps strengthen my lungs which bloody hurts but is doing good things (i hope) :)

x Lots of love x

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