Sunday, 25 October 2009

x Needles, cars and my graduation x

Monday was the dreaded diabetes clinic but it went ok in the end. It took me about 5 minutes to pluck up the courage to stab myself with the needle but I did it and it wasnt too bad i suppose!! Will start of with doing insulin once a day just before my biggest meal of the day - which is normally dinner. Have to keep an eye on my blood sugars and have to do them when i wake up, before the insulin and 2 hours after starting my meal.

The feelings of diabetes is horrible though and i didnt really realise before how scary it really is. If my sugars go too low then I start to feel slightly drunk and my head is all light, and i have no energy to even get up. If they go too high, I get more breathless but i dont really notice the signs of high sugars at the moment. I have been constantly drinking, and therefore weeing, alot more and its driving me mad!! Hopefully this insulin helps with my weight and my chest infections :)

Wednesday was my graduation and we had to leave the house by 8am so i was not happy!! It rained all day but I had my family there and it was a lovely morning. I looked so little in the cap and gown and they were heavy!! The ceremony went ok and i didnt cough so was pleased. Was very tired that night and didnt do anything on thursday as I was really tired and worn out.

Over the weekend I have been so tired and having coughing fits still. Its taking me ages to do things like get ready so will ask about other antibiotics or steriods to help give me a boost as i cant have i.v's again - its too soon!! Ive got hospital tomorrow so will let you know how it goes but im not very optimistic - so im warning you all now that it may be a 'moaning' post!!!

x Lots of love x

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  1. Hun,
    Stay strong - the steroids for my brittle asthma caused me to become diabetic on insulin 3yrs or so ago and I have a big fear of needles.
    If you need to chat about it catch me on Facebook and will pass you my msn addie if you want it.
    Luv ya loads girlie xx
    Donna Williamson