Sunday, 18 October 2009

x Feeling better and positive x

My first week has passed being unemployed and not having to do any work but it has gone soooo quick and I havent really enjoyed it as my cold was still having its effects. I think the week 'rest' has helped though as thursday night i started to feel better and by friday morning i actually had energy to do things. I wasnt just sitting on my arse all week though - ive managed to do little bits of exercise but not as much as i hoped as my chest was bad and it was clearing without me having to do much - even walking up the stairs ended in big coughing fits but i tried my best. Im also proud to say that ive been making sure i do most of my nebs. All of this and taking the antibiotics has helped me feel better :)

This weekend has been a nice relaxing weekend i suppose. Saturday was spent at the pub watching Chelsea and eating cheese rolls with Daddy and then me and Scott had a takeaway and a night infront of the tele and today (Sunday) I have sat on my arse in my pjs, had a shower and getting ready to go cinema tonight with Scott to watch couples retreat which is a funny film so will try and hold back the coughing!!!

Am slightly nervous about next week as tomorrow i have to go hospital to start my insulin for my diabetes - argh - and on wednesday is my graduation and im too nervous!!!

x Lots of love x

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