Monday, 27 September 2010

I CAN NOT work!!!!

How many more times does this fucking job centre need to be told!! As i said before, i was put into the 'back to work' group for employment and support benefit when i should have been put in the support group - which means i can not work. I sent in my appeal at the beginning of August and was told to wait and hear from them....then a few days ago i get a letter telling me to attend a interview at 10am in the morning to start my plan on getting back to work! I am quite capable of getting a job and know full well the benefits of work so I dont need to be sat down and told that thanks!!

I rang them up and said i was appealling so surely i shouldnt have to go to anything until a verdict had been decided but apparently i do and if i dont go they will reduce or even stop my money which i am not going through again. Thats it you stop my benefit and give it to some foreigner who has just come to England or some lazy wankstain who cant be arsed to get a job so fakes a bad back....genuine claims are not easy!

So that was 2 days spent on the phone and i didnt end up going and asked them to change the time as it was too early and i wasnt feeling great (which was true) and they never got back to me, so thats not my problem! Had a good weekend up the pub with my dad on saturday and football on sunday which took me hours to defrost from after getting home.

Today my stomach is soooo bad and i have come to the conclusion that it was because of a dodgy hotdog i ate at the football ground - i am also blaming the food poisoning on Scott as he didnt take me mcdonalds breakfast like i asked, so i resorted to buying a hotdog from a little man in a hut! This is great news the day before clinic!!

x Lots of love x

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  1. Eugh back to work stuff!!! Awful!! Have you got a really good doctors letter stating why going back to work would not be beneficial to you?

    V xx