Monday, 13 September 2010

I did NOT say that....

Thursday turned into madness and i had calls, emails, texts and facebook messages from loads of people and am still getting some now. I just want to say thank you to everyone for your nice words they really mean alot. I was pleased with the article but feel it could have been written abit better...i certainly did not say "make me a woman" lol how gay is that!!! I prob said to the woman that i look about 12 (which i do) and that has been translated into that title and i also 'said' "my child-like frame" - cheek :) I also laughed at the bit where they said that "i pour fluid down my tube" as if i just find any old liquid and bloat myself out!! I wasnt well when i had the pictures done and was on iv's but they werent too bad - thank god for make up aye!!

I didnt do it for me though, i did it to raise awareness of CF. I definatly did this as most of the messages i got said that they didnt realise what CF was, how bad it was or that i even had it :) Many people have said how brave i am and that i am inspiration but im really not - im used to this way of life and it would be strange for me not to have to do treatment, tablets or go hospital. Although i obviously wouldnt wish it on anyone, i have met and lost some wonderful people with CF and i look up to some of them in how they deal with worse things than i have dealt with. They are my inspiration.

The weekend was a normal weekend which involved the pub and football. The boys won. The only bad thing about the weekend was the bad stomach cramps - yes its girly week and yes - it bloody hurts!!

x Lots of love x


  1. I meant to comment on Thursday, but the article was good, you looked lovely! xx

  2. Ha they do that all the time. Remember the Daily Record article I did where they turned the title into me pleading with the Prime Minister not to treat his son any different, madness!!

    Gregg thought that you looked really nice in the pictures before they did your hair and make up. So they only glossed up what you have already.

    As for being an inspiration I think that word is thrown around far too easily. Like you say we're just living life as best we can!!