Thursday, 9 September 2010

So much happiness and nervousness this week

My emotions are all over the place this week!! Dont worry though, its mostly good emotions for a change!!

Tuesday was hospital clinic and mummy had the day off so came with me. I was nervous at what my weight would be (as i had a bellyache for the past few days) and what the lung function would be as im worried about it being only 20%. My weight was up to 46kg so I was pleased but that wasnt even the best bit - my lung function had gone up to 26% and thats the best its been since last November!!!! :D :D
I came out of the room and cried which I think was shock and relief. Now I know that my lung function is still low and I still have to work my little (but getting increasingly bigger) arse off to keep it there or even get it up some more....but the fact that it was able to go up is nice to know. I was so worried that after the last few months and all the problems, that it had damaged my lungs and that they may not be able to I wonder if I could push my luck and reach 30%....that would be amazing!!

I also asked the physio about different physio on the waiting list for the acapella which is another device to strengthen your breathing and getting up the crap on your chest and she was going to teach me the breathing techniques but i can not huff properly we decided to leave it!! My cough tends to be tickly so can last for bloody ages and this has something to do with my sinuses. I started a nose spray about 2 weeks ago but had also heard about a nose wash called sinus rinse from neilmed. The physio said she was just given a prototype and that i could have it so i have that to try too.

Wednesday was a good day too. I went yoga with mummy for the 1st time...i couldnt do all of the moves (??? is that what you call them lol) because of my PEG and my inability to bend certain ways but i am pleased with myself. The class was an hour and a half and i had to stop throughout because of tiredness or coughing. I also couldnt keep up with the breathing - asking me to hold my breath and breathing when told to is not comfortable and i thought the lady was trying to kill me at first but i did what i sure it will get easier and i will be able to do more as i keep going. We came straight home, i headed for the fridge, had a mars bar and then headed for the sofa and slept for a hour!! :) far is absolute madness!! My article in 'Love It' magazine came out today and i was woken up by my little bro, Danny at 8am waving the magazine in my face. He had gone out early to buy it, bless him :) I am pleased with the article and am happy that it highlighted CF and gave a link to the trust. The pics are ok - i didnt see them before and i was on iv's at the time so wasnt well - the joys of make-up!! xx Will write more on it later xx

x Lots of love x


  1. Congrats on 27% and yes you CAN make it to 30% :).... How exciting to have an article in a magazine... Awesome

  2. Yay for lung function going up! I went and bought the magazine today. It's a really good article and you look amazing in it!!! xx