Monday, 6 September 2010

x Looking good (apparently)!! x

I have actually had a great weekend even though I havent done anything spectacular.

I have been really cheered up and now feel positive that things are moving in the right direction because.....6 different people have commented on how well i look over the past few days....result!!

The first 2 were at the pub when i went on Saturday. 1 of them was a regular who i hadnt seen since last week and the 2nd was my daddy (even though i had seen him the day before lol). The best bit about these comments was...that i had no make-up on and my hair was scraped back as i had a wedding to go to that evening so hadnt bothered to get fully ready as i was saving it until that evening.

The next one was at the wedding reception that night. One of Scotts family members said I looked well. I havent seen him in months so i prob did look different but it was still nice of him to say so! It was Scott's cousins wedding and was a lovely evening and was really nice to see his family again. We left abit earlier then I wanted to as we had to be up early for football and I was hungry so stopped of for chippys!

The 4th person was Scotts mate. We got back from the wedding and 2 of his mates were staying over as they were all going footie the next day and we walked in from the wedding and he looked at me a few times. I saw him 2 weeks ago and since then he said that I had put on weight...he also said i was the only girl he could say that to without getting a punch in the face that made me laugh.

The last 2 people were family friends who live near me. I only saw them about a week ago but they still said i looked more like 'the old Soph' so that was nice to hear too! So a good weekend all round and its things like this that make me want to continue doing everything i can and more...i dont respond to shouting and people pushing me as i shut off and tend to go the opposite way!

Sunday is normally a chill out day but it was Scotts first match of the season so I dragged myself out of my pit early to go and watch. It was the furthest pitch away so that was my physio for the day!! It was a good match and I enjoy football but even though it wasnt bad weather, I was still cold so have brought myself a coat this morning which I love :)

x lots of love x

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  1. Hi Sophie, I just discovered your blog. it's great! I love your 'signs of a cf patient'- made me laugh out loud! and i'm glad i'm not the only one who always answers 'i'm fine' ;o) I'm 27 with CF and am in hospital for some IVs at the moment. and yes, the doctors asked what meds i want to be put on! Anyway, glad you're well at the moment and hope you have a good wk. take care. F xx