Sunday, 25 July 2010

X Another busy week and another holiday x

First off with the good news (there is some!! Shock horror lol): I have finally, after 6 months, been paid money for my Employment and Support Allowance. Bloody ridiculous how hard and how much proof i had to send them in order to get any money!! The next step is a medical assessment all the way up london for them to assess my illness...god knows how they are going to do nervous even though it is a genuine claim!!

Other good news is that we have booked another holiday. Scott paid for it for my birthday and we booked it on friday. We are off up north to York for a week at the end of October. We are staying in a lodge which is surronded by a big lake and the doggies are coming too :) The only thing we have to sort out for them is travel pills for Buster as he gets bad travel sickness - bless him. I cant bloody wait!!

Im still reasonably well too. Am still eating fine and doing my feed so I better have put on weight on Tuesday at clinic. Mum mentioned that she thinks I have as u cant see the portacath tube in my neck as much now (this is our weight loss judge lol). I am on a 5 day course of steriods as I have a bit of a cough but its more wheezy than anything. I havent been sleeping hardly these last few days so I think it may be linked to the steriods.

I am pissed off that I didnt make it to the gym last week :(
I was suffering with 'girly' week at the start of the week which is really painful and heavy so I sulked at home, then I have been so busy sorting lots of things out, and then I was going to go after my feed was delivered but it didnt come until 3pm and its normally here by 11am so that was a wasted day! I WILL go this week!!

Nothing else to report I dont think. Will let you know how clinic goes on tuesday.

x Lots of love x

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