Wednesday, 14 July 2010

x Happy birthday to me x

I made it to 22!!

Sorry for saying that but its true - after the last few months I really didnt think I would make it at certain points! Anyway....

I had a great day. Didnt do alot as its not a big birthday or anything and no-one has any money lol...i got a few little pressies to open (one was scar serum lol) but I had asked for money for my 'main' pressie. So Dad gave me money and so did mummy. Scott is taking me on holiday up to Yorkshire in October with the doggies for my birthday. Its to stay in these lovely modern log cabins which have outside, heated jacuzzi things - cant wait!!

Me and mummy spent the day shopping as I havent been properly for months and havent brought any new clothes either (for obvious reasons - see previous blogs). This resulted in a 7 hour shop in Lakeside!! We got there at 1 and left at 8pm only stopping for abit of dinner for 20 minutes. I was really proud of myself and so was mummy as I wouldnt have been able to do it weeks ago. I was absolutly shattered though but i got some great clothes and other goodies :)

Tuesday was hospital check-up and everything went well, I think! My lung function and weight was the same ( 20% and 42.5kg). Now I dont need telling that both of these aint great but now that all the problems are out the way (i hope) I can work really hard on improving both of these. My chest is abit crackly but other than that doctor seemed pleased with how I have coped. I had mild panic attack when Lance and my dietician Jen turned my PEG button round. I know its not a big thing and no it didnt hurt but things like that freak me out and I was worried there would be something wrong. Lance also showed me how to check the water in the PEG balloon. He had shown me when I had it changed to the button but I was so high on sedation I dont remember!! For those who dont know - the PEG button is held in place by a balloon filled with water. Its filled with 5ml and you check it weekly to make sure its still filled up. If its not, then you put more water in. Just make sure the balloon hasnt burst (which can happen due to wear and tear or stomach acid) or the PEG tube can just fall out. I am terrified of this happening - surprise, surprise!!

Tuesday night I went out for a birthday meal with Daddy, his partner Lisa and Scott which was lovely and filling.

The hard work starts over the next few days in starting my fitness going. It is soooo hard at first to get going as it can be painful, makes me tired and breathless and cough up crap but hopefully after a while it will start to get easier, i will be able to do more and more and of course hope to see the benefits! Wish me luck as i will need it - im nervous!!

x Lots of love x

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