Wednesday, 28 July 2010

x Clinic news x

So I had a pretty successful clinic i suppose...well I didnt get moaned at so thats a good start ;)

The best news was my weight is up from 42.2kg to 44.2kg. Thats 2kg in 2 weeks wooohoooo!! I also missed a few feeds last week due to eating my main meals too late so feeling too sick and full up to start a feed so Im just going to have to plan times abit better for the next 2 weeks. My lung function stayed the same which is ok seeing as I am abit coughy so am going to work on this!

I was given a perscription for 2 nebulisers to try. I had spoken to Lance before about alternating my nebulised antibiotics so that it would help and be more effective at attacking different bugs in my chest...i tried tobi before and didnt like it so there is a weaker version called Bramitol (think thats it). I will have this for a month and then switch to Colomycin nebs for the next month. It should be next week that I go to have my first dose in hospital incase of any reactions. The other nebuliser i normally just have when im ill in hospital but they have given me some to keep at home. I only have it if im feeling wheezy as it opens your airways and is called Salbutomol.

Hope you all like my new blog layout too...took me bloody ages and involved lots of shouting and swearing at the computer and many moaning emails to a couple of other blog users for help...thank you for your help Megan and Tori :) I think it turned out quite well.

x Lots of love x

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