Wednesday, 4 August 2010

x Stubborn chest x

I have a cough. Bummer. Started some oral antibiotics on Friday and they still havent really helped so rang Lance to moan. Apparently i am now resistant to all oral antibiotics that treat the types of bugs that my chest grows so ivs are really the only option - so i start them Friday - which is shit :(

Had a great day out up London with my friend Steph and we ended up at Madame Tussauds which was really funny. I got barged by so many foreigners so decided to stick my elbows out and join in....when we got back to the car i had a parking fine for £120!!! I was parked on a yellow line which was infront of some bays. I had my disabled badge in the window and was only in there 2 hours (you are allowed to park on yellow lines with a disabled badge for 3 hours). I am now as I speak writing to contest it - bastards!! Then whilst driving home we spotted a man dressed as a clown on Regents Street so I told Steph to take a picture...then some man got in the way and the clown saw we was trying to take a picture so he ran at the car whilst we were stuck at traffic lights....I screamed my head off (which meant a massive coughing fit of course) and made everyone laugh and stare at times :)

I have also been abandoned by my boyfriend!! He has started a football team with his friends - in a proper league and everything and Scott is the manager so I didnt see him alot last week and at the start of this week as he had meetings and then a few training I sulked and he brought me mcdonalds breakfast and we are going Legoland on Saturday :)

Im pooping myself about tomorrow as I have a medical assessment for my Employment and Support benefit. I dont know why im nervous as im obviously too ill to work and am not claiming anything i shouldnt be but i hate the fact that im going to have to go into a room with some random doctor person who is going to judge me and state whether i am fit to work. Trust me if I had the choice between feeling ill everyday or working full-time, then I know what I would choose - no question!

Will let you know how I get on x

x Lots of love x


  1. I had the medical assesment for my ESA few months back, the woman was lovely who I saw and obviously they get so many people in there who don't deserve the benefit they're usually glad to see someone who actually deserves it! I'm sure it will all be fine, just literally explain every little possible detail you can and remember only we know how ill we really are so you have to explain everything lol :) good luck xx

  2. good luck with the ESA assessment, i'm sure you will be fine. Shame you werent on your IVs when you went for it!
    Im going to London next week, so excited!!