Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Jobcentre fights :)

Im still on my iv's and they will finish on friday - woohoo!!

Last week i felt sick for a few days (so didnt have my feed) and had really bad headaches aswell...eventually i got a blocked nose so realised the headaches were due to that as it is sinus related and really hurts!! My nose is better now so need to make sure it stays off my chest. Im coughing alot less but there is still a cough there but its moving about so i need to focus on getting it out!

I have been busy doing lots of little jobs everyday and i do not just sit on my arse like many people think i do everyday. Really annoys me when people say that (even in a jokey way) as the people that really know me, know how hard it was for me to admit defeat and give up work...i have tried many avenues into part-time work but its not going to happen at the moment and its hard for me to accept so for people to comment doesnt help my feelings or the situation. Thank you very much!

This matter was not helped by the fact that I got a result from my medical assessment which put me in the 'work-related group' which means i have to attend meetings in order to get me back to work...if i dont attend them they will stop my money. I now have to appeal this decision in order to get put into the 'support group' which means i definatly can not work at this time which means more form filling. Which reminds me....

Last week mum dropped me off at the jobcentre to pick up the appeal leaflet. I had to go to the 2nd floor so i got in the lift. As the doors opened, a big fat chav woman was standing there with her buggy and practically tried to get in the lift before i had even got out, so i had to step over the buggy and she tutted. I heard her say to another man that was nearby "i dont know why some people just cant take the bloody stairs". Normally i would ignore it or just give a dirty look and moan to everyone about it later but i was in a bad mood anyway so turned back round and told her why i didnt flipping take the stairs. The security guard who was nearby shut the lift on her and then gave me the leaflet and walked me back to the lift to go out. Mummy found it really funny outside as its her company that watch over that jobcentre in CCTV so her work buddies may have heard about me on the radio :) Well people shouldnt be so ignorant should they...and even if she didnt have the buggy i bet she wouldnt have walked up the stairs, fat bitch.

Anyway...me and mummy have signed ourselves up to some pilates based exercise classes and the first one is tomorrow morning. Im in a state of panic but will do my very best...will let you know how it goes!!

x Lots of love x

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  1. I cant believe they have put you in the work group, hopefully once you attend, the person running it will see that you can't work and put you in the other group. It not like getting a certain type of job will help, you can't work because of too many treatments and tiredness!! grr!