Saturday, 28 August 2010

Im gonna be in a magazine!!

Im going to be in 'Love it' magazine!!

I was put forward to the mgazine because they were looking for someone who had had a tough time recently and they wanted to talk about weight issues. I had a car pick me and mummy up to take us up London to Holburn studios which was lovely and we was looking at all the pics of celebrities that had been there!! I had a hair and make up stylist and a clothes stylist. The photographer was also there and so was Kerry, the lady who was writing the article. I ended up wearing 4 different outfits - 2 daytime and 2 evening. The best one was the glamour one which was a gold sequin dress and they made my hair big so i felt like Tina Turner lol.

Had lots of pictures taken which i will get to keep on a disc once the magazine comes out - i couldnt have them yet because of damn copyright. I then sat down and spoke to Kerry. She asked all about my CF, how it has affected me and then spoke about the recent problems with my PEG. I had to have my iv's while there too so that shocked them abit i think!! We got home by 4 so it was a long day but fun...then came the task of removing the make-up. They have to put on loads so the camera picks it up, so 3 face wipes, 2 eye makeup remover wipes and countless amounts of washing my face later, most of the makeup was off!

Kerry rang me on Friday to read back the article and i think it sounded good as far as i can remember. It said what CF was but it was mainly focused on weight, diet and body image because it is a womans magazine!! It was a paragraph about what went wrong with my peg and then the rest was about what happened on the day of the shoot. I am so nervous about it coming out as i have never done anything like this before and i just hope i have promoted CF in a way that pleases most people. I tried my best!! Ive been told its out on September 9th xx

Finally finished iv's on friday too!! Had a amazing 'end of iv's' shower lol xx

x Lots of love x


  1. wahoo! Cant wait to read it! xx

  2. Wow!! Sounds like an amazing day!!!! I can't wait to read it!! xx

  3. That sounds like an amazing day!! :)
    Going to have to buy the magazine and read that article!
    Hope thigns are going well with you cf. (I also haev cf. :/)