Tuesday, 24 August 2010

In loving memory x

Just a short blog this time. Both to do with CF and passing away unfortunatly.

Firstly Monday 23rd marked a year ago that my close friend Vicky passed away. It seems like yesterday that Lance turned up on my doorstep early in the morning and gave me the news that broke my heart. Even as i write this i can feel myself getting teary. I miss her more and more everyday and still sleep with her picture looking over me on my bedroom wall. I wrote a special blog for her when she passed away so I said everything about how much i loved her then. Will love you always x

Tuesday was my other friend James' funeral. I regret not going to his funeral and I kind of knew i would...its just at the time I couldnt face it. I really hope that doesnt make me sound selfish but i honestly didnt think i could cope and didnt want to turn up on my own as I dont know his family or friends as i only spoke to him at the hospital or over emails.

I went to the cemetery later on that day and took some flowers to Vicky and to James as they are both at the same cemetery. I had pink roses for Vicky and white roses for James. I got absolutly soaked as it poured with rain but i needed to go...i proberly looked like a right wally with my hood up on my own in the rain but i dont care.

So a horrible few days of sadness but great memories keep the smile and the fight going. Im also very nervous for tomorrow but that is a blog post of its own and i dont want to let anyone know until its over.

x Lots of love x

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  1. I always think visiting the persons grave is abit more personal anyway, you can have a chat with them and just sit with them and there is noone around to feel embarrassed or anything. Can't believe it's a year since Vicky went :o( xx