Friday, 20 August 2010

Extra iv's and no pilates

How shit is pilates!! It was soooo boring and all the woman kept going on about was making sure my alignment was in neutral and for most of the session, i was lying on my back (which i dont like as its harder to breathe) and this is not my idea of exercise as it just made me sleepy!! A friend mentioned yoga instead and i was interested in it so me and mummy are looking at doing a class next week. I have found a boxfit video from years ago which is done by a boxer and we watched it first and it is ok to do. I did 10 minutes of it today and was quite tired so aim to do more and more as time goes on. Its quite fun actually :)

I have to have another week of iv's as my cough hasnt totally gone and i didnt want to risk coming off them and my cough getting worse...scott also has a cold so want to make sure i dont get that too so he is staying away from me as much as possible lol. I had my needle changed today as you can not have the port needle in for longer than 2 weeks due to risk of infection. While i was up the hospital we went on the ward to check my weight and i had put on even though i was on iv's so i now weigh 45.4kg thats up from 44.2kg 2 weeks ago :)

Me and Jen (the dietician) have decided to try changing my feed so i get more calories per bottle. At the moment i have 1500 calories per bottle but you can get 2000 calories bottles so i have said why not have the maximum amount if i can tolerate it!! I really want to reach my target weight by xmas which is 50kg...if i havent i am putting myself on 24 hour feed and staying in the chair on it until i am a blob ;)

Oh I have added a few new pages to my blog so take a look and any fellow CFer's feel free to send me any other traits that distingush us from the 'normal' person lol xx

x Lots of love x

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