Tuesday, 10 August 2010

x Loving Lego x

Lets get the horrible bit out the way first....

I went up London with mummy to the medical assessment on thursday. I knew i would hate it as it makes me feel useless and depressed at having to admit that im not well and cant work even though i would love to. I just had to talk to the man and go through the form that i had filled out for them. He asked me to walk across the room and touch my toes but didnt make me do lung function as i was coughing lots. It was a tiring day after travelling there and back and now I have to wait to hear the result which will be in about 3 weeks.

Friday I had to wait for my iv delivery and then take my first dose with me up the hospital to start my iv's. Lance put the needle in my port and i got weighed and stayed the same. I wasnt happy but considering i had an infection and hadnt lost weight i suppose that was a good sign. Then came the news that one of my friends, James had died the previous day. I was shocked and didnt know what to do or say. I spoke to him alot about things and my mum also knew him from the gym. He died quite suddenly of an infection that he just couldnt fight back from....i cried all the way home :( will miss you James xx

So a very depressing 2 days in a row being swamped down with hospitals and CF so needed to get away from it all. A cuddle from Scott helped friday night and then saturday we decided to still go Legoland. I was going to pull out as I was tired from the busy days and just starting iv's makes you feel rubbish before you get better but I needed the day out to take my mind off things.

Legoland was great and we had a really good time. Yes we prob looked sad and maybe slightly peodophile-ish as we were there without a young child (well...i look like a young child so we may have got away with it lol) but it was worth it. Our new favourite thing is lego now and we spent saturday night building houses, cars and a fire engine - how exciting and sad are we?? Our plan is to buy a big lego set for when we go on holiday to York - possibly the Taj Mahal which is 6000 pieces and looks amazing!!

Sunday I had a well deserved day in and yesterday, i had to go hospital for blood tests on my tobi levels to make sure they werent too high. Normally Lance comes to the house to do them but he has decided to have 2 weeks holiday which i told him is just rude as its inconvient ;) My iv's are working as i spent most of yesterday sounding like a train and coughing up loads of crap so although its nasty, its a good sign!!

x Lots of love x


  1. so sorry to hear about your friend James...I hate how CF can be so sudden and unpredictable like that. Thinking of you. I'm glad you managed to have a good day out at Legoland, it sounds fun and now i want to do Lego! :)
    Hope the iv's work their magic and you feel brighter soon. xx

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend!! I really hope the IV's work their magic and you feel a bit better soon!! I've been following your blog for ages but can't remember if I've ever really commented!? Anyway, I've awarded you a blog award. It's on my blog www.smallandsmiley.blogspot.com so feel free to pop over and pick it up when you have a minute! Really hope you feel better soon!!! xx