Sunday, 18 July 2010

x More shopping and a trip to the gym x

I took a big step for me and went to the gym for the first time in years on Thursday!! I went in the day by myself and was so nervous before that I stood outside for 5 minutes and felt ill with panic. I used to enjoy the gym with my ipod on but was so worried about breathing and coughing but I need to start somewhere! Adding up all the time spent on the machines it came to 30 minutes which I was pleased with. It doesnt sound like much to some people reading this, but under the circumstances I am pleased and so was my mummy and Scott so thats all I care about.

My breathing actually wasnt too bad and I may have been able to do more if it wasnt for my useless arms and legs which gave up on me! My limbs seized up straight away and I didnt think I would be able to drive home. Scott was home from work so I stopped off there to see him and he was watching a film upstairs. He had to push me up the stairs to help me get up there - how lovely lol :)

I plan on going twice next week - hopefully tuesday and friday - and I have made a list of what I did and hopefully I can do more and more each time and track my progress. Watch this space!!

Friday was another shopping day with mummy to get some other bits and pieces that we couldnt get in Lakeside on my birthday. It was mostly successful so I was happy and then I gave myself a night off my overnight feed so I could stay at Scotts. In the morning, we went to Scott's bosses house as he has 6 miniture sheep and they each had a baby just before we went on holiday (2 of the babies died though) so we went to see them. He lives in a expensive area where the houses are massive and little country villages. It was a hot day aswell so it was a nice trip out.

Off to write a list of more things I have to do starting tomorrow - nothing that exciting and alot of them are bloody phonecalls!!

x Lots of love x

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  1. well done on the gym! Its hard to get started cos your legs etc are really weak (like anyones would be, not just people with cf) but you can build them up xx