Monday, 18 October 2010

Dehydration....we think!

I think the mystery of the headaches has been solved thanks to my amazing friend Gemma :) She mentioned that it could be dehydration, as you can get more dehydrated whilst on iv's, which sounded like a good theory as it was only headaches in the morning. I have been making sure i drink more water during the day, take lots of water to bed with me and i havent been too bad so it must of been that! Thanks mate! Cant wait for these iv's to finish on thursday...soooo bloody annoying and tiring keep having to do them.

Had a tiring weekend. Friday was a trip to Rainham to see one of my friends as I havent seen her since we went on holiday in June. There was 6 of us. We all went out for a chinese and then back to Debbie's flat after stopping at the shop for alcohol (for the boys) and snacks (for me!!). We stuck a films on and everyone started to fall asleep one by one until it was me, Jack and Carlton still awake. I enjoyed watching them sit there chatting rubbish as they continued to get more and more drunk...good times :) Saturday morning everyone was up for mcdonalds breakfast and then we left by half 12 in the afternoon. I went to see my dad up the pub and watch the footie. Sunday was another early morning as I went to watch Scott play football which i enjoy but its starting to get pretty cold!

Today I did nothing as i was so tired from the weekend. It was quite a busy weekend but it was made more tiring because it involved late nights and early starts. Today i have done little jobs and made millions of 'to-do' lists as we go on our holiday in 11 days.

x Lots of love x

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  1. you seem to be doing quite abit whilst on the IV's, I think its good sometimes as it takes your mind of them (long as you have the energy!)! Long as you don't overdo it in the first week cos thats when they hit you like a ton of bricks!
    Fingers crossed your lung fuction is abit better at end of IVs xx