Thursday, 14 October 2010

What are my headaches??

So since starting my iv's thursday i have woken up everyday with immense headaches. I have a few theories but none really make sense. I did think it may be 'lack of oxygen' headaches. However, i am not breathless at all and am breathing well actually. When im sitting up or standing up, my head is ok but when i lie my head down, it hurts so i dont think its my chest. This means ive been tired most of the day and been having naps early afternoon. When i have these naps, my headaches dont happen, its just in the mornings, so i really dont understand it. I did think it may be the iv's as it started when they did, but i have them 3 times a day and im fine for the rest of the day. Hmmmmm.....

Tuesday was a visit to the cemetery as it should have been Vickys 22nd birthday. I always think about her anyway but she has been on my mind alot lately.

Since switching back to my old feed at the start of the week, things have been fine and i used my portable bit of the pump and my backpack to stay at scotts last night. It was great and Scott seemed highly amused at how excited i was about using it for the first time - i am easily amused ;)

I just weighed myself at home and have hit 48kg and i think the scales are roughly the same as the hospital so im soooooo pleased! It is the heaviest i have been since losing all my weight nearly 3 years ago now. I am on my own tonight and so shed a little tear of happiness. Im nearly at my target!!!

x Lots of love x


  1. its probably something simple like dehydration. You become dehydrayed overnight anyway and IVs make you even more dehydrated. Try have a powerade a day, I find it can help and it gives you energy too!

  2. Can anyone daughter is 15.since birth she was failure to thrive,although is doing well 2doctor did 2 sweat tests showing borderline results.over 40 chest infections and repeated hospitalisation where they cant make up their minds if its cf or asthma .she has headaches itchy nose i put this down to the fact we now live in a hotter climate which has helped her not get so many infections.she only has one infection a year now but im worried.8years ago a ct scan showed s little scar tissue in left lower lobe.i want answers

  3. I was told a few yrs ago she did have symtons of cf and were finding it hard to diagnose as the gene test was no because they test for most common mutaciĆ³n.after yrs of uncertanty i would like to hear what you think,as a mum u know somethings wrong.i have lost faith in doctors .could she have mild form of cf.before we moved doc wanted repeat further tests,,why is it so hard to make a yes or no diagnosis? Thank you for any ideas