Sunday, 10 October 2010

Feed tastes rather horrid!

How do I know this? Because I had my first full 1000ml overnight on friday night and woke up in the morning feeling dreadful and promptly threw it all back up again! Nice! We have come to the conclusion that this type of feed is too rich for me and doesnt agree so Im switching back to my old feed.

In feeding pump news (because i know how funny you all think my pump situation is!) I have another new one! I had a lady come over on Friday to train me for a new type of pump which is smaller and you can take a section of it off to make it portable which will be great for me. You also can have a little backpack with the pump so you can move about wearing it and dont have to stay stuck in bed or in the chair whilst having it - im so excited and will clearly be the height of fashion in my backpack lol :) The lady took my old pump which actually broke the night before (i dont know if this is fate or just another thing sent to annoy me!) so I am now on my 4th pump since February. It may possibly be a record.

In other health news, Im tired alot at the moment and still eating but not massive amounts as normal. My iv's are having the usual side effects by making my balance off and I keep swaying and getting little bits of dizziness. Now I am constantly falling over anyway so add these iv's into the mix, and i am constantly walking around like a pissed person much to the amusement of Scott and mummy. Oh and I got my diabetes result over the phone on Friday too. The results should be between 3-7 but mine were 15 - so yeah, im diabetic. However, i need to check my blood sugars closly for a while before they give me anymore insulin as CF-related diabetes is complicated so I will be monitored for a while.

All in all not a great past few days - too much CF stuff and too much feeling like absolute poop so I forced myself to go out last night to a 21st birthday party with loads of Scotts mates and their girlfriends. I was feeling abit better by the evening but really had to make the effort to get ready and keep smiling. I am so glad I went thou, it was a brilliant and really funny night - i got to talk to some of my good mates, laughed alot at drunken dancing, saw a few arguements, danced (and i thought i danced quite well even in my 'pissed' state) and then finished it off with stop off on the way home (in my car with a full load of hammered boys) at the chicken shop! Good times :)

x lots of love x

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  1. sorry to hear about the diabetes. PLEASE take a picture of you waling somewhere with your feed attached ;o)