Thursday, 7 October 2010

x My m.o.t x

My m.o.t aka annual review day was today. Lots of different things are done today and i will try and remember them all so bear with me!!

I wasnt allowed to eat from midnight last night for 2 reasons - the ultrasound and glucose test. I was up early for me at 7am and had to be at the hospital for half 8. I had my port needle put in and dressing put on as it was agreed that i would have 2 weeks of iv's as my cough has got worse, my appetite was starting to go, and was getting more tired easily. See - im being a good girl and not leaving iv's until the last minute as i dont want all my hard work to slip back.

I had loads of blood taken from my port which filled about 15 different tubes and then i had to drink a glucose drink. The drink is to check for diabetes as i am borderline diabetic. Over the past year, i have only had high blood sugars when i get ill so im not fully diabetic yet and just take insulin when needed. The test involves taking blood after fasting, then drinking the glucose drink (which is so sickly)all in one go, waiting 2 hours and then taking blood again. If the results are higher than 7, then its positive for diabetes and i should get results tomorrow.

I also had a chest xray and ultrasound. I was rushed through to both as i saw one of the memebers of staff that i knew and they took me straight in :) I was nervous about the ultrasound as they look at all the organs and i still dont like people touching my scars yet but the woman was really good and avoided them. Also had the usual weight, lung function tests which were down from last week alittle but it was early in the morning and im not well so im not fussed. I did get out of my physio test though as i just started iv's and they only do it when you feeling ok.

We got out of there by half 12 and headed straight for asda to pick up some sandwiches. This is my new food faze - cheese and onion sandwiches from asda or marks and spencer. I got home and ate that with a big glass of coke and then promptly fell asleep for just over an hour.

I also met a girl called Lauren today. My friend spoke to me and told me about her and i have been speaking to her most of the night. Her best friend passed away a year ago aged 17 from CF, and so she is now raising money for the CF trust by treking for 9 days across the great wall of china!! Im so jealous as i would love to do it, however my body hates me so wouldnt let me and i dont like flying so wouldnt even make it to china!! haha xx You have plenty of time to donate money or support to her as its not until May 2011 but that will give you time to save your pennies and give them to her :) Will keep you all updated nearer the time!!
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  1. we don't have annual reviews anymore thank god! We still have the tests but not all in one go. I'm surprised they agreed to do the tests at the start of your IV's, my team won't do that as they say results can be different if you don't feel well. If I need my GTT at the start of IV's thay always make me have it at the end of IV's!