Tuesday, 5 October 2010

No more drink for me!

So thursday and friday was fairly busy as I had loads of little errands and jobs to do and one of these involved picking up Scotts fifa 11 playstation game. So all weekend I was abandoned for football on the computer - thanks Scott, love u too ;)
Saturday was my daddys birthday so saturday night they hired a dj up my dads pub and we spent the night up there. Me and my bro brought him his usual shortbread biscuit tin and toblerone chocolate and also got him the new ireland rugby top which he loved. Also that night I decided (because for once in my life I didn't have to drive and wasn't on ivs or oral antibiotics) to have a drink. Now let's look at a few factors:
1-i haven't had an alcoholic drink since last year sometime
2-i am very small and thin
3-i drink magners cider
These three things meant that after 2 and 1/2 magners I was gone and then promptly needed my bed. It was a great night though and everyone said I looked well but by half 2 in the morning me and my bro got home. Mum was on nights and wanted to make sure I wasn't home on my own. Now this sounds silly I know, I'm 22 years old and should be able to spend the night on my own but I think I know why she hates it. I had that bad allergic reaction to iv's one night when she was working (this was all in an older blog post in about june I think) and I was rushed in an ambulance to hosp and also the nightmare time I had with my peg tube and being sick through the night. All this has lead to her panicing about me and things seem to hit her hard after the event has happened, which is now.

Sunday I woke up late on the sofa still fully dressed. I felt horrid! I didn't have a hangover but I was knackered and my mouth was like sandpaper. This is why I don't drink! I feel ill a lot of the time anyway so why put myself through the pain and tiredness the next day!! Lol. I coped well the rest of the day though and managed to get back up the pub to watch the football at 4. Everyone else had massive hangovers so we all ordered dominos and chinese to the pub but everyone agreed it was a great weekend.

In health news I'm not feeling great at the moment. I have been coughing more and then I woke up monday and it felt like someone had been sitting on my chest while I slept. It took me until about just after lunchtime to get moving after I had done nebs, meds and taken painkillers. Managed to do my room and stay at scotts and today I'm not as bad but my cough is still there and my apettite is getting less and less so I'm starting oral antibiotics tomorrow so I hope they help or it will be iv's before holiday. I've been doing really well so don't want it to slip!! Got my hospital m.o.t on thursday so will post about that with lots of info but it will be a tiring day which starts bright and early at the hosp for half 8 - great one!!

X Lots of love x

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