Thursday, 28 October 2010

Sally Morgan is truely amazing x

Me and me best mate Steph went on a little trip to Tunbridge Wells on Friday night to go and see Sally Morgans show. She is one of the top psychics and I have seen her programmes on sky over the past year. Before her, I had been very weary of psychic stuff but she says things that no-one could possibly guess or know. The show started at 7.30pm and lasted for 2 hours but it went sooooo quick and i could have sat there all day listening to her.
I didnt get a message from anyone which was a shame but im not disappointed. We are looking to go again as it was a great night out. We laughed, cried and got chinese on the way home :)

Tuesday was hospital clinic. Since i only finished my iv's on thursday, i didnt expect my lung function to be amazing, and it wasnt, it was down. I know this sounds strange as I had just finished iv's but its normal for me. It takes me about a week after iv's to start feeling 'normal' and thats when my lung function picks up as i am able to get out and about more. My weight was up to 47.7kg so i am so pleased as it means im only about 2kg away from my target!! My feeds are going well since the peg change (they were fine before and will be fine after but i just worried that they wouldnt be!!). Ive also started some garlic tablets that I brought from Boots. I have heard alot about garlic and that it can help pseudo (a CF bug), so thought it was worth a try!

This week i have been so busy, ive only just managed to fit in writing this blog! We are finally off on holiday on Saturday - me, Scott and the doggies - to Yorkshire. We are staying 2 miles away from York city centre. I have been rushing around - well as fast as i can possibly go lol - sorting things out like the sat nav which i havent updated since i got it 3 years ago...i didnt even realise you had to update it which is highly stupid of me as roads and places are changing all the time!! Ive made space on the camera and camcorder, had to wait in for deliveries, and had to sort buster out some travel pills as he gets bad car sickness - bless him. I got my suitcase down last night and have just started sorting out my medication...i am surronded by tablets, feed and nebs...its like a walking pharmacy! Im off now to do the fun bit which is sorting out my clothes, alhough I hope i dont have to do too much ironing!!

Will be away for a week but will have my phone on me so may update the blog halfway through the week from our lodge!! :)

x Lots of love x

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  1. I hope you have fun on your holiday Sophie! I wish I was going on holiday! Lol x
    Love Mollie x